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Memories of precious moments. Moments & feelings that we want to remember.


For me photography is the meeting of that moment, a joyful play of both seeing and being seen. The magic union in a sacred space. Let's enjoy the moment & magical world of photography.


If you would like to book a photo session please email me for further details. 





kasia cera

For the last 10 years I've been traveling and living mostly in Asia, a place that has and continues to be a rich source of inspiration. 

Thailand, Malaysia, Bali, Australia, the Maldives and Egypt along with a myriad of places not shown on the geographical map of the earth, shaped my world and my vision. Exploring life from different perspectives has always been my fascination.

Working as a diving instructor lead me to discover the magical underwater world/underworld, living for 2 years on the secluded beach on a Thai island opened my mind to the amazing world of feminine essence, through circles of women and magical gatherings. 

Being immerse in different worlds, cultures, point of views has shaped my sensitivity and creativity. Some of those meetings I was able to capture. From those moments and experiences I've created most of my recent photography work. 

Since 2016 I've been living in Poland. Currently in Lodz.

2009 Group Show, Studio 102, Lodz, Poland

2008 Contribution to a photo project dedicated to Tibetan children (a photo calendar

2008 Group show, Nieoczywiste (Unobvious), Słodownia Gallery, Old Brewery, Poznan, Poland

2007 Group show, Sprawy osobiste (Personal Matters), Gallery of Contemporary Art Bunkier Sztuki, Cracow, PL

2007 Solo exhibition, „City Inside Art”, Eskulap, Poznan, Poland

2006 Group show, Nieoczywiste (Unobvious), Słodownia Gallery, Old Brewery, Poznan, Poland

2002 Group show, OKO Gallery, Cracow, Poland

2003 - 2008 Academy of Fine Arts in Poznan, Poland, department: Film and Motion Picture Making and Photography, faculty: Photography, (MA).

2005 - George Mason University, Washington, USA, Artist in Residence.

2002 - 2007 Jagiellonian University in Cracow, Poland, department: Managment and Social Communication, faculty: Cultural Studies, (MA).

2000 - 2002 Academy of Fashion Design in Cracow, Poland.





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